Google Web Designer HTML5 banners


Do you want to start your own HTML5 banner ad campaign but don’t have the expertise to create the animations you’d really like? Or you’re a competent designer but want someone to take your banner designs and animate them using Google Web Designer?

Whatever your situation I can help you to create your beautiful ad campaigns to inspire and WOW your clients or customers.

All my HTML5 banners ads are created using Google Web Designer and consist of the following:

– Fully editable text
– Google Web Fonts used
– Vibrant and Eye Catching Color Scheme
– Animation duration – 3 loops x 10 seconds = 30 seconds
– Created and fully editable with Google Web Designer
– Compatible with Adwords, Doubleclick, AdRoll and more
– Tested with Google HTML5 Validator

My standard package includes:

– 8 Popular/standard Sizes
– GWD source and Published files
– Google Web Designer source files
– Adobe Illustrator or Adobe Photoshop files
– 6 Month Item Support

I work with all of the major platforms and I’m very familiar with their different implementation methods. I can happily take a single design and re-work it in all other common ad sizes or start your whole project from scratch.

I’m fully aware that banner ad campaigns can be reactive and therefore can be needed very last minute which I’m more than comfortable with, whilst upholding an exception quality and professionalism.

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HTML5 banners

HTML5 banners VS static banners

If you’re still using static banner ads instead of HTML5 ads (Dynamic banner ads), then there’s a good chance that money is being left on the table. This is because a good portion of your target audience is not seeing your ad… even if it’s right there in front of their eyes.

How can you assure every website visitor is at least looking at your ad?

The answer is simple… make them move with Dynamic Ads!

The Cure to Banner Blindnes

My high impact HTML5 ads are proven to attract more traffic to websites than standard static banner ads. A study by Adform showed that clickthrough rates of rich media ads are 267% greater than those from static ads. This is because a website visitor may never even glance at a static banner, but movement is almost psychologically impossible for the eyes to ignore. Animated banner ads are the wiser investment because they assure people are actually viewing your ads.

Users can also be exposed to a greater amount of content with HTML5 ads (High impact creative), all without ever leaving the publisher’s site. For example, instead of relying on just a headline to spark interest, you can now dive deeper showing more benefits to entice users even further to clickthrough to your website.

Engagement leads to brand awareness and brand recall. The brain remembers things we interacted with much better than things we only viewed.

Endless Possibilities… Where to Start?

Now that you aren’t stuck to a single, static image, it’s easy to become a little overwhelmed. Where should you start? What techniques have worked for other brands?

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